When it comes to home décor, stainless steel is out…What is in?

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle, Remodeling / Do-It-Yourself Projects

Home décor trends, like the style of our jeans, can change faster than you can say, “are bellbottoms back again?” Colors, types of cabinets, countertop materials, fabric patterns and styles of appliances are constantly evolving.

What are the latest trends? Experts from ElleDecor and Houzz cite the following:

“Tech-less” living rooms: Homeowners, it seems, are seeking a respite from the constant assault of technology. “Tech-filled homes certainly aren’t going anywhere,” says ElleDecor, but families are increasingly opting to keep their living rooms unplugged.

Raffia: You’ve used this straw-like material to wrap gifts, but how about as material for a pillow? A chair? A rug? And even a lamp? Raffia is coming into its own, used in a host of new decorative ways.

Fireplaces: Working, and even non-working, fireplaces are taking center stage in homes, where decorators are eschewing large TVs above the fireplace for cozy furniture arrangements around the fireplace geared to intimate conversation.

Matte finishes: Metallic is so yesteryear. Today, the hot finish is matte, achieved with oxidized metals, matte glazes and chalk-finish paints.

Mixed materials in kitchens: Instead of a uniform look, kitchen designers are going eclectic, using a variety of materials, such as mixing rustic wood with trendy subway tile and vintage-style rugs. In addition, two styles of cabinets in the same kitchen are increasingly popular.

Granny florals: What’s old is new again. Decorators are gravitating to floral prints as upholstery for sofas, on pillows, headboards, rugs and more.

Black stainless steel: You didn’t think kitchen appliance manufacturers would let you live with polished stainless steel forever, did you? Introducing black stainless steel. “Instead of gleaming silver appliances” this is “the trend of the moment,” says ElleDecor.

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