What will the city look like in 2040? Here’s a wish list

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Blog

If you had a crystal ball to see 20 years into Denver’s future, what would you hope for?

This is a question Denver’s city planners have been grappling in a two-year program called Denveright that has recently wrapped up. Their wish list, which provides goals for the next two decades, includes improvements to transportation, parks, and pedestrian networks.

Here’s a peek of some of those goals, courtesy of the Denver Post:

  • Denver will “take a more prominent role in paying for, and potentially even providing bus and transit services in addition to the system run by the Regional Transportation District.”
  • 78 neighborhoods will be within a 10-minute walk of a park.
  • At least half of homes in 60 neighborhoods (instead of the current 16) will be within walking distance of quality transit.
  • The number of commuters who drive alone to work will drop to 50% (from the current 73%).
  • Three-fourths of households will be within one-quarter mile of bus or rail lines that offer services every 15 minutes.
  • 80% of new housing will be built “in areas that fit with a growth strategy that targets higher density development.”
  • The city will fill in an estimated 350 miles of sidewalk gaps.
  • The city’s network of off-street trails will expand.

Of course, one question remains: Who will pay for these improvements? While no crystal ball has that answer yet, a proposal for a sales tax dedicated to parks will be on the ballot in November. And voters have already approved $937 Million through the Elevate Denver bond program. Further discussion on that subject is necessary.

As one member of the transit plan task force notes: “The devil in really in the details.”

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