What professional burglars don’t want you to know

by | Jun 19, 2017 | Blog

Installing dead bolts along with other security measures in your home are sensible ways to protect yourself. But does this ensure that you’re burglary proof?

Taking security measures are indeed important, but it also helps to know the mindset of criminals looking for a house to hit. Below, career burglars offer insights, as reported by Rismedia’s Housecall.


Like daytime hours: You may think burglars prefer the cover of night, but professionals favor daytime hours, as people are less likely to be home then. They aim for weekdays between 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. when many people are at work or school.

Watch social media: Social media has made life easier for burglars. People often post on Facebook when on vacation, and social media profiles can make it relatively easy for burglars to find an address. “In one survey of convicted burglars,” reports Housecall, “more than 10% say they used social media to determine who was out of town.” Don’t post information that tells intruders when you’ll be away.

Are afraid of security systems: Even if it’s not a top-of-the-line alarm system, burglars generally steer clear. “Homes without a security system are almost 300% more likely to be targeted for a break in,” notes Housecall. Be sure to use a unique code on any security system: avoid birthdays and house numbers, and clean your keypad regularly. Burglars can tell by dirt and grease which keys are used most often.

Like that you have guns: Burglars like to steal guns. NRA bumper stickers or signs advertising that the homeowner has guns will attract burglars, rather than deter them.

Look for valuables through the windows:
Leaving your computer or iPad on a table near the window is a neon sign inviting burglars into your home. Keep electronics or any expensive items out of sight.

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