Tiny apartments make big gains in the Denver metro area

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Blog

Some like to live large. Others, well, they’re happy with a smaller lifestyle. Enter, the micro apartment. The size of some master bedrooms, but complete with a kitchen, bathroom and clever storage spaces, they’re the little trend that’s looming large.

As the city grows and rents rise, micro apartments—one-bedroom and studio apartments ranging around 300 to 600 square feet—are taking hold in the Denver metro area.

To be fair, small living is often a financial necessity. The Apartment Association of Metro Denver pegged the average monthly rent in the metro area in the last quarter of 2018 at $1,456. At this rate, some simply can’t afford a larger apartment, particularly in the urban center where rents tend to be highest.

But in this age of worries about sustainability, some renters—particularly millennials—also choose micro apartments to live minimally.

“They’re not interested in having a large living space. They don’t need a lot of stuff,” Amy Groff of the National Apartment Association told the Post. “They just need the ability to cook a small meal, sleep, store some clothes, then they’re out and about.”

Either way, Denverites will be seeing more of these tiny apartments in the future. Newly completed and coming projects include:

Ride at RiNo: Located at 3609 Wynkoop St, the Ride includes five stories and 84 apartments, ranging from 369 square feet to 849-square-foot “live/work” studios. Rents start at $1,189/month.

Market Station: Among other offerings, the project will have 75 apartments under 500 square feet when completed next year, with rents around $1,200.

The Economist: These two buildings at 1570 Humboldt St. feature 97 studio and one-bedroom apartments, ranging from 300 to nearly 600 square feet, with rents starting at just under $1,000.

135 Adams St.: Planned to open in 2020, this project features 37 apartments ranging from 300 to 800 square feet, including a mix of studios and one-bedroom units.

101 Broadway: The four-story historic landmark building will offer 106, 350-sqare foot studio and one-bedroom units, geared to low-income tenants and renting for around $900-$1,000.

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