Time to ready your landscape for winter

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Blog

The heavy yardwork of summer is over. But just because winter is around the corner doesn’t mean you can throw all your rakes and hoses in the garage and close up shop for the year. There are tasks that should be completed now to ensure a green lawn and healthy trees and shrubs in the spring.

Consider these tasks from Lowe’s for preparing your yard for winter:

Maintain the lawn. The season’s cooler temperatures and heavier moisture create a favorable growing atmosphere for grass. Lowe’s suggests aerating,  reseeding bare spots and fertilizing the lawn to promote good growth come spring.

Wrap tree trunks: This will help prevent “thin-barked” tree trunks from splitting as the sap in the tree warms during the day, only to freeze at night. Using paper tree wrap, start an inch below soil level and wrap up to the first branches. Then secure with duct tape.

Water trees and other plants: This is particularly important for evergreens, which are the most likely to dry out in winter.

Mulch: This helps protect plants from the harsher winter conditions, keeping the soil at a more even temperature and preventing it from “heaving (and) forcing plants out of the ground.”

Divide perennials for more vigorous growth. Lowe’s suggests looking for plants with “fresh, vibrant growth around a less vigorous center section.” Break them apart and replant them separately for healthier growth come spring.

Rake leaves: Leaves on the ground throughout winter will smother the grass over time. Rake or mow leaves, which can then be used to mulch flower or shrub beds for the winter.

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