Throw out those tape measures! New app measures your wall with one tap

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When it comes to real estate, there are more apps than a multi-list has addresses. It would be impossible to mention them all. But we recently learned of two new apps that we thought you would enjoy:

Photo Courtesy of Locometric

Photo Courtesy of Locometric


Have you been dragging a tape measure around the rooms in your house to get the rooms’ dimensions, then spending hours drawing the floor plan on graph paper? It’s time to throw that old-school tool away and download RoomScan.

This app, recently touted by the Washington Post, allows you to create the floor plan of your home by simply tapping the phone on each wall of a room. The app does the rest, creating a floor plan accurate enough to plan furniture arrangements, etc. (it calculates to the nearest half foot). The basic version is 99 cents on iOs; the Pro version, which offers added functionality, is $4.99. Not available on Adroid.


You’re on a hike and you come across a beautiful flower – one you think would look great in your garden at home. But what is it? You can spend hours perusing websites, looking for a match. Or you can hold your cellphone up to the flower and instantly learn what it is. Better yet, you can also learn how to care for it.

Now that’s an app that has growth potential.

The LikeThatGarden app requires the internet in order to work, so you may not get instant answers on remote hikes. But you can take a picture of the flower and finish the process once you get home.

The app is free for iOS and Android devices.

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