Taupe is the new “it” color…and other home design trends

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Like all things in life, homes and home buyers change with the times. If you doubt it, just consider the fate of the wood paneling popular in the 1960s and the harvest gold kitchens of the ‘70s.

So what will 2017 bring?

Realtor Magazine recently published a list of trends realtors should watch for, including:

Taupe replaces gray: While white is still the most popular choice of homeowners, gray gained popularity in recent years. This year, though, taupe is coming into its own: Like gray, it’s a neutral, but also has a warmth and natural feel that people find appealing.

Playtime at home: Americans who work hard also want to play hard. That means they are now seeking rooms at home dedicated to fun. To this end, Realtor notes that some homeowners are installing backyard bocce courts and indoor golf simulators. And for those who find enjoyment in culinary endeavors, outdoor pizza ovens are also on the rise.

Worktime at home: And speaking of working hard…the number of employed people working from home as increased 103% since 2005, according to a San Diego-based research and consulting group. That means home buyers are also seeking work spaces in the home. Designers are devising rooms with flexible layouts that include built-ins and furniture with multiple uses.

Goodbye granite: Now that granite has become ubiquitous, homeowners are seeking ways to stand out from the crowd. Quartz and quartzite, and laminates that look like stone, wood, distressed metal and concrete are just a few of the new options attracting attention.

Here’s to your health: As we become increasingly aware of the toxins that surround us, home buyers are seeking solutions, everything from water purifiers to HVAC systems that clean the air, to nontoxic paints and adhesives. We can “expect to see more buyers hiring health experts to examine listings and requiring in-home contaminant removal” prior to completing a sale, says Realtor.


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