Summer rainfall brings call to action: Waterproof your home

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Waterproof your home  denver real estateWe had a summer of heavy rainfall — and while the precipitation is always welcome in our dry climate, homeowners discovered its downside this year as many dealt with serious flooding and water damage. And now is no time to relax: September often brings fierce storms.

If you’ve noticed minor water problems in your home, it’s time to address them to avoid critical foundation issues that can result from water seepage.

When surveying your situation:

    • Be sure the landscaping around your home drains water away from the foundation, rather than into it. To evaluate this properly, remove any vegetation near the foundation so that you can see which way the ground slopes. Water should pool no closer than 5 feet from the home’s perimeter.


    • Check your gutters. If they’re stuffed with debris, rainwater can overflow, pooling on the ground near the foundation. Also consider replacing old gutters with new, wider versions that hold more water.


    • Be sure all downspouts have extensions that carry and deposit the water a minimum of 5 feet beyond the home’s foundation.


    • If you have a newer home (‘90s and beyond) that has a sump pit and pump, make sure the pump is working. If you lift the float arm (designed to rise when water enters the pit), you should hear the sound of the pump operating. If not, get it repaired. If you don’t have a sump pump alarm, install one.


    • Consider buying flood insurance. Regular insurance policies don’t typically cover damage from water that seeps into a home from outside. While flood insurance is expensive, our changing weather patterns are making it an increasingly attractive option.


  • With serious issues, contact us and we can refer you to a professional engineer.

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