Summer may be coming to an end, but it’s not too late to plant a tree

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Blog

With fall around the corner, many homeowners think of winding down landscaping activities. But early autumn is actually the perfect time to think about planting more trees.

“Weather conditions are cool and allow plants to establish roots in the new location before spring rains and summer heat stimulate new top growth,” notes

PlantTalk adds that many nurseries will soon discount trees and shrubs. “While selection may be limited, these sales are a good opportunity to purchase fruit trees and landscape trees at reduced prices.”

Meanwhile, Denver residents have yet another reason to consider adding a tree to their landscape: it could be free! The city will plant a tree—generally 8 feet tall when in the ground— for those eligible (you must have room in the public right-of-way next to your property and be replacing an ash tree, which is endangered by the Emerald Ash Borer). For more information, go to

If you decide to plant a tree, here are some tips:

  • When determining the location, think of how big the tree will grow. “Planning before planting can help ensure that the right tree is planted in the right place. Proper tree selection and placement enhance your property value and prevent costly maintenance trimming and damage to your home,” notes

Avoid planting a tree that will grow high enough to hit utility lines or in a spot near underground lines. “[T]rees planted near underground lines could have their roots damaged if the lines are dug up for repair,” notes Call your utility company to be sure you know where the lines are located to avoid bodily injury or service interruption.

  • After planting the tree, water it fully. Then mulch, using a three-inch layer of wood chips, pine needles or something similar—– spreading the mulch to a foot beyond the tree’s rootball. Then water again.
  • Be sure to finish planting by the end of October. And during winter, water the tree on warm days if 3 weeks have gone by without snow or without snow cover on the ground.

Photo by David Vig on Unsplash

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