Suddenly, it’s easy being green: Environmentalism becomes the new norm

by | May 22, 2017 | Blog

It used to be that those interested in going green were labeled “tree huggers.” Outside the norm, they were often derided for their environmental concerns.

Now going green is not only considered laudable, it’s becoming a routine part of our everyday lives.

Don’t believe it? RisMedia recently counted the ways our society has quietly co-opted the green movement:

1. Mentioning it in the media: The media, says RisMedia, “is replete with messages about environmental responsibility – from ubiquitous recycling containers to continuous advertising for ‘all natural’ products’ to reporting on environmental disasters.”

2. Through millennials: Studies show that millennials make green choices as a way of life, not a statement. “It’s not what they do – it’s who they are,” says RisMedia.

3. By choosing walkable neighborhoods: The ability to walk to amenities has become a top desire among homebuyers, who seek to live in areas with nearby restaurants and retail establishments, as well as plentiful public transportation options.

4. By using smart technology: Devices that help homeowners lower energy usage and costs are evolving “at warp speed,” says RisMedia. What’s more, they are being adopted just as quickly by many.

5. By prioritizing energy efficiency standards: “Nearly every municipality and state in the country has adopted minimum energy efficiency standards,” notes Rismedia. This is making energy awareness the norm, rather than an outlier.

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