Staging your home for the holidays

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43644357_sMost homeowners like to spruce up their home around the holidays. It’s a time when guests are coming and going, and everyone hopes to put their best food forward. So why not take a page out of a real estate broker’s book and “stage” your home for the holidays?

Staging a home means arranging it to make the best impression possible, allowing for an inviting setting. Here are some tips from Denver Post columnist Marni Jameson for sellers or those just aiming to freshen things up for the holiday:

Arrange shelves with the “one-third rule”:

“When styling a bookcase or built-in shelving unit, think thirds,” Jameson notes. “One third should have books – hardcover only please – distributed evenly. One-third should have attractive accessories, and one third should be open.”

Pick an accent color:

Feature one strong color throughout the house in easy-to-add accessories, such as pillows. This will help unify and brighten the décor.

Project a modern lifestyle:

Anything that seems dated is a turnoff to visitors and buyers alike. Get rid of landlines, old intercom systems and wires coming out of the wall.

Project luxury:

This can be as simple as splurging on flowers and flowering plants throughout the house. Not only do they lend a sense of joy, their bursts of color liven up any room.

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