Spruce up your home before sale with these weekend projects

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Blog

If you’re thinking about selling your longtime home, no doubt you’re suddenly noticing a myriad of things that have become tired and dated through the years. The thought of bringing them into the new millennial can be overwhelming.

But sprucing up your home’s appearance before putting it on the market doesn’t have to break the bank or take an inordinate amount of time. In fact, many projects can be completed over a few weekends.

Here are a few suggestions from by RisMedia’s Housecall:

Paint your kitchen cabinets: If your kitchen cabinets are out of style—“think oak doors with shiny brass handles,” notes Housecall—refresh them with a coat of paint in a neutral color. (Note: Painting a lacquered surface can be tricky; get detailed advice before beginning a project of this sort.) Modern metallic knobs and pulls will complete the update.

Add crown molding: Crown molding gives the illusion of height and the feeling of luxury to a room. Tackle the important rooms—kitchen, bathrooms, master bedroom, etc.— one weekend at a time to boost your bottom line at sales time.

Update bathrooms: “Bathrooms have a big effect on buyers,” notes Housecall. “They expect clean, modern updates, just like in the kitchen.” Think of small changes that can have a big impact, such as new light fixtures or updated hardware on cabinets. If you’re feeling more ambitious, new tile, cabinets and countertops can also add value to your home.

Update old-fashioned items: Home design is ever-changing. Removing things like old-fashioned wallpaper, floor-to-ceiling wood paneling, and popcorn ceilings will greatly improve your home’s appeal.

Enhance curb appeal: First impressions count. Make the landscaping in your front yard more enticing by installing a path of pavers to your front door, planting colorful flowers and so on. You might also consider updating your garage door, which typically offers high return on the investment.


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