Spring cleaning got you down? Use our handy checklist to spread it out over the year

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Blog

If the thought of spring cleaning has you feeling overwhelmed, it’s no wonder: The to-do list can be as packed as that freezer you haven’t defrosted in years. Just for starters, it should include: dusting light fixtures and baseboards, washing windows, cleaning the refrigerator, washing bedding, cleaning the garage, sweeping cobwebs out of the corners…

But here’s a better idea: Instead of piling all these duties into one season, why not tackle just a few of these chores every month, all year round? Suddenly, things won’t seem so daunting.

The Washington Post recently printed a list of duties, divided by month, that we think you’ll find useful. Click here for a list you can print out. Then be sure to keep it in a designated spot, rather putting it in a pile that you’ll have to purge when it comes time to declutter (according to our calendar, that would be next January!).

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