Smart remodeling choices keep a kitchen fresh over time

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kitchen remodel denverFew remodeling projects are more exciting to homeowners than a kitchen remodel. After all, this is the room where we gather to reconnect with each other, nurture our bodies and re-energize our souls.

But kitchen remodels are expensive, and few homeowners relish the idea of revamping this room more than once. How can you make sure your choices won’t feel dated a few years down the line?

Real Estate Insider suggests that you:

Think white: Wood styles come and go, but white remains eternally fresh. In fact, 67% of National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) members say white is their favorite choice for cabinets.

Use gray for color accents: Calming and neutral, gray ranks high with NKBA members; 71% report gray as the fastest-growing color scheme for kitchens.

Choose quartz counters: Could granite be losing some of its cachet? If you feel it’s run its course, quartz is a great option. It resists scratches, burns and chips and doesn’t require annual sealing to prevent stains, as many granites do.

Install a touch-activated faucet: Anything that saves water and energy — and feels high tech — is highly valued by young homebuyers. This is a fun convenience and a way to ensure that your kitchen remains appealing to this demographic.

Avoid ultra modern: While modern touches are always exciting, they can also become dated quickly. “Combine contemporary and traditional styles and benefit from the best parts of each,” suggests Real Estate Insider.

Consider accessibility: As the country’s boomers age, accessibility has become increasingly valued. Think about these factors to give your kitchen longevity in your own lives, as well as for any potential future buyers.

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