Simple ways to give your garden a color boost this season

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Spring is in full bloom, and that means excitement is high among Denver gardeners, who are busy studying seed catalogs and envisioning a yard worthy of House Beautiful.

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If you’re among this group, it’s time to think of the big picture: Sure, you can add a plant here and a bush there, but if you focus on the yard as a whole, you’re likely to create a much bigger impact.

Here are some suggestions from BBB magazine:

Think big: “Small patches of color can work in a seating area where you’re right on top of the plantings,” notes the magazine. But for the larger yard, bigger swaths of color make the most impact. “Five tulips add color, but 30 make a statement.”

Consider the backdrop: Are you planting flowers in front of a gray house? Reds and bright pink colors provide nice contrast. If your house is yellow, on the other hand, purples and blues will pop better. Think of where the flowers will be located and what is surrounding them.

Consider the light: In shaded areas, deep colors tend to disappear. By contrast, in bright sunlight, those shades show nicely while pale colors wash out.

Use foliage: “Foliage is to flowers as black velvet is to diamonds – it enhances the sparkle and color,” writes BBB. Consider planting variegated leafy plants that will add texture and interest to your garden’s backdrop.

Add props: Flowers aren’t the only way to add color to your landscape. You can enhance the view with ceramic urns, painted benches, metal sculptures and more.

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