Simple steps to organizing your kitchen cabinets

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Blog

There’s nothing more frustrating than opening a kitchen cabinet and finding a jumble of unrelated items – everything under the sun, except for the item you’re looking for.

How can you make your life easier?  It’s time for an organizational re-do.

Houzz suggests these steps to making your cabinets a dream instead of a nightmare:

Take everything out: This allows you to reacquaint yourself with what’s in your cabinets and drawers. As you do this, start thinking about what you might discard.

Clean thoroughly: Use soap and water to wash out cabinets and drawers. “For an extra level of polish, and to make future cleaning easier, you can also add shelf or drawer liners or replace old ones,” notes Houzz

Decide what to throw out: If you haven’t used an item in months, it’s likely you don’t need it. Discard rarely used and expired items.

Group items: “Think of your kitchen as functional zones: washing, prepping, cooking on stovetop and baking,” says Houzz. Then group the items you use for each zone. Also group food types—such as baking items, cereals, canned goods, etc. – for handy placement in the pantry.

Think of where the items will be used: After you’ve grouped the items, put them in shelves or drawers based on which require most accessibility. For example, place the food you use the most at the front of the pantry and things like seasonal platters out of the way. “This is what the top shelves are for,” one organizing expert told Houzz.

Make a list of organizers to buy: Consider what might help keep things organized as time goes on. For example, baskets or storage containers can help keep things grouped correctly, as well as easily removed from the cabinet for a closer look. You can also use pegboards with screw-in dowels in drawers to keeps plates, bowls, Tupperware, etc. in their proper place. Drawer dividers are another helpful way to keep like-items together and separated from others.

Enjoy! You’ll feel great knowing everything is finally where you can find it.


Photo by Jarek Ceborski on Unsplash

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