Should you fix up your home before selling? Yes…and no

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Blog

It’s time to sell your home – and suddenly all the imperfections you have overlooked through the years loom large. Should you get busy fixing everything before putting your home on the market?

Well…probably not everything. A seller should “take steps to appeal to buyers to get the best price for the home, without overspending on items that might not jibe with a buyer’s personal taste,” reports the Council of Resident Specialists magazine.

The publication offers these guidelines:

Items to fix

Electrical problems and other items that pose safety risks, such as broken steps or missing handrails.

  • Things that are easy and inexpensive to fix, “such as doors not hanging properly, condensation leaks in the furnace, broken cabinets, plumbing leaks, landscaping, painting” and so on.

Items to leave as is:

Cosmetic items that buyers might prefer choosing for themselves, such as flooring. (Selling price would need to be adjusted accordingly for any condition issues.)

  • Energy saving elements, such as insulation and ventilation.
  • Old appliances, including furnace and air conditioner, provided they are still in good working condition.

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