Ranch homes…and other top choices of homebuyers

by | May 10, 2017 | Blog, Buying a Home

Ranch homes used to be the gray suits of the housing world: functional, ubiquitous… and rather uninteresting. How times change. Now the ranchburger is all the rage.

That’s according to Realtor.com, which recently surveyed house hunters about the qualities they most desire in a home. The study found that ranch-style homes were the most in-demand this year; 42% of homebuyers said they were looking for this style of home.

What else are homebuyers looking for? According to the survey, buyers want:

Two bathrooms (75% of homebuyers)

Three bedrooms (more than 50%)

A big backyard

A remodeled kitchen (80% rank the kitchen as one of the most important rooms in the house, along with a garage, living room and master bedroom.)

The survey also noted what homebuyers are NOT looking for: a guest house, a mother-in-law suite and solar panels.

Only 28%, notes the survey, are looking for a contemporary home. And men can say goodbye to their man-caves. Once a refuge for the beleaguered, the man cave has gone the way of the caveman. It is on this year’s “out” list.

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