Prepping Your Kids (and Yourself) for the Ski Season

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Blog

The aspen leaves have turned and are falling from the trees, which will clear the way for the snow that will soon be what’s falling the mountains. As Coloradans, it’s something we all live for each year. We spend our winters trekking up to the mountains, getting in those precious powder days and taking advantage of our gorgeous ski resorts before the end of the season. As the years go by and we all get a little older, many times kids enter the equation. You start to build your family, and in those first few years it gets a bit more difficult to coordinate parenting with your love for skiing. But then comes the age where kids can join you on the mountains and they begin having those same experiences you’ve loved over the years. Wondering when you can start breaking your kid into ski Year Round Activities & Eventsgear? 5280 Magazine interviewed Frank Bulkley III, owner of Eskimo Ski & Board Shop, and he provided some answers to common questions to give some guidance for those wanting to bring their kiddos to the ski fields.

He recommends that a child needs to be 30 pounds to begin their ski or snowboarding career. This is due to technical reasons – ski bindings won’t release if the child weighs less than that. As for age, it all depends on the kid, but four is about average. Just remember all kids are different, and one year they may kick and scream and have no interest, but the following year that could all change. Patience is key – along with warmer weather and calm conditions. A few last pointers: get your child mittens, provide them with waterproof gear, make sure their helmet fits properly, and most importantly – send them off to ski school. Let the pros handle the bulk of the learning process, which means the parents get to go out on their own and enjoy the mountain. End result? Happy kids AND parents.


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