Prepare yourself for hail season

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle

It’s the time of year when hailstorms can hit with little warning, wreaking havoc on your home. In fact, Coloradoans face one of the highest risks in the country.

Our stated ranks second only to Texas for the number of insurance claims filed due to hail strikes on homes, property and cars, according to data collected by the National Insurance Crime Bureau from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015. Hail-related insurance claims in Colorado in that time period accounted for 9% of the U.S. total.

Hail damage can often decimate a house’s roof, costing thousands of dollars to replace. Here are a few simple precautions homeowners should take to minimize their losses:

Be sure you’re covered for hail damage. Check the fine print of your insurance policy.

Learn about impact-resistant roofing materials. In recent years, roofers have begun offering a host of products geared to minimizing hail damage. Such products might cost more initially, but many insurance companies offer discounted policy rates for homes that use such roofing material, which can make the option cost effective over time.

Don’t file a claim unless you’re certain you have damage. Insurance companies record every claim a homeowner files, even when they determine there’s been no damage. Filing too many claims can hurt your standing with the company over time. If you suspect damage to your roof, phone a reputable roofer to inspect things before notifying your insurer. If the roofer sees damage, you can be assured that the claim isn’t frivolous and he/she can meet with the insurance agent and advocate on your behalf for a settlement.

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