Out with boring solid colors! Time to invite Prints Charming into your home

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Blog

After years of earth tones and solid colors reigning in the design world, authors John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon are betting on a new decorating approach ascending to royalty: They call it “Prints Charming.”

That’s the title of their new book, a volume that promotes a colorful, pattern-happy look to counter the cautious design trends of recent years.

“People are always scared of pattern,” Nixon told design columnist Marni Jameson in a recent interview. “I hope this book gives them permission to have some fun…Life is short, why be boring? The color of gravy should only be on potatoes.”

If you’re ready to enter the world of pattern and color, Nixon offered these tips to Jameson:

Pick a color that runs through all patterns: “Select, for instance, a great blue or green or coral, and then make sure a shade of it appears in all patterns and pieces across the room,” writes Jameson. This through-line will connect all the patterns visually.

Consider stripes: “Stripes are the decorating world’s unifying force…,” Jameson contends. Mix a bold floral with a quieter print and bring them both together with a stripe.

Remember, texture is pattern, too: If you stick with solid colors, add visual interest with varied textures. You might, for instance, mix glossy fabric, with velvet, chenille, and fur, or employ a honeycomb-patterned carpet.

Go bold: This is no time to be timid. “Don’t tiptoe in and stop halfway,” Nixon told Jameson. “Go big. Inject print and pattern in at least three places.”

Enjoy yourself: “People worry that they’ll get pattern wrong,” Nixon says. “I don’t believe in mistakes. The only mistake is not to have the spirit of fun.”


Photo Copyright: Katarzyna Białasiewicz / 123rf.com

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