New website helps homeowners battle deadly emerald ash borer

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Blog

With the emerald ash borer infesting trees in Boulder, it’s just a matter of time before the pest hits Denver, with potentially devastating effects to local ash trees. The beetle, which originated in Asia, deposits eggs that hatch into worm-like larvae that tunnel through the tree’s tissue just under the bark, eventually killing it.

Because one in six trees in the metro area are ash trees—a total of 1.45 million– city arborists are warning tree owners to be prepared. To that end, the City Forester, an office of Denver Parks & Recreation, has launched a new website with a catchy name:

The well-organized site offers a wealth of information on the deadly beetle: how it travels, feeds on trees and other background facts, as well as how to identify an ash tree and how to prevent a beetle infestation.
“We simply can’t stress enough how important it is for Denver residents to take action when it comes to identifying, treating and/or replacing their ash trees as soon as possible,” notes the site. “Ultimately, if you have an ash tree, emerald ash borer (EAB) prevention plans depend on how much you value your ash tree. If you’d prefer the safest option with the least hassle, replacement is your best bet. For those determined to hang on to their ash trees, ongoing treatment options also exist.”
The site offers contact information for tree professionals who can advise you on the best option and the costs of treatment, which the site claims are 90% effective. It also reports that homeowners who live next to public right-of-ways will be offered free treatments of any ash trees in those right-of-ways.
Once the ash borer infiltrates a tree, it’s usually just a matter of time – generally 2 to 4 years—before the tree dies, so prevention is key. Don’t delay: Check out ASAP!


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