New law allows homeowners to collect rainwater in barrels

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In the metro area, every drop of rain counts. Thirsty lawns and gardens appreciate all the water they can get – which is why homeowners should take note of a new law that allows Coloradans to store rainwater in rain barrels.

In the past, the legality of using rain barrels has been the subject of debate—and controversy. Some argued that rainwater stored in barrels took away water from reservoirs and rivers and would affect property owners downstream. Others countered that the water still enters the ground eventually and makes little difference to water accumulation overall.

In August, the Colorado legislature put the issue to rest, making the use of rain barrels officially legal. This means that you can store up to 110 gallons of rain water, using one or two rain barrels.

Now that the argument has been settled, here are a few how-to facts offered by the Denver Post:

Where to buy: Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware and other home and garden stores stock rain barrels, as does Amazon.

What are the rules?: According to the Post, “anyone who lives in a house or townhouse with fewer than four units can use a rain barrel. No permits are necessary. The water can only be used outdoors on the property where it was collected. It may be used to water plants and lawns, wash a car and so on.

How do you install a rain barrel?: Rain barrels should be sealable, to avoid creating a breeding ground for mosquitos. Place them directly under roof downspouts, which will then feed the rain water into the barrel. You can access the water later through a spigot in the barrel. Once installed, experts advise emptying the barrel routinely. Additionally, to prepare for winter, barrels should be emptied, allowed to dry out, and stored in a garage or basement for the season.

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