Need a laugh? These videos won’t disappoint

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Blog, Funny Videos

22345740_sIt’s no secret that real estate transactions come with built-in stress. With big sums at stake and complicated contracts adding to the tension, no wonder everyone seems on edge. What wouldn’t we give, sometimes, for a good chuckle about it all?

So we were delighted to run across an online video series presented by that’s as funny as it is informative.

The videos are directed by Fred Savage, former star of The Wonder Years, and feature actress Elizabeth Banks. Banks gives advice on — and finds humor in — a host of home buying topics, everything from making the decision to buy vs. rent (“Buying lets you pay yourself every month instead of paying some other shlub’s mortgage,” Banks deadpans) to closing the sale (“Start loosening up your writing hand, because at closing you’re gonna have to sign your name, like, 300 times…It’s insane; bring an energy bar….”).

Banks’ comedic timing is as impeccable as the dream home used as a backdrop in the final video. Click here for guaranteed laughs.

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