Millennial homebuyers seek yards to please their dogs

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Blog

Millennials desire homes for many reasons: to make a sound financial investment, to house a growing family… and, as it turns out, to pamper their pets.

According to a recent Harris Poll commissioned by SunTrust Mortgage, as reported by Realtor Magazine, a whopping third (33%) of recent homebuyers age 18-36 stated that their decision to purchase “was based on the desire for a larger property with a yard for their dog.” What’s more, 44% of millennial potential homebuyers noted that their dog—or desire to acquire one—is a key factor in their desire to buy a home in the future.

“The only factors respondents ranked higher than dogs,” noted Realtor, was the desire for more living space (66%) and the chance to build equity (36%).

The other most common reasons cited for buying a home were marriage (25%) and the birth of a child (19%)—notably ranking below the pet priority.

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