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We all love the unconditional love a pet can bring to our lives. Whether it’s a dog or cat (or any type of animal, really), us humans have gone above and beyond for these loyal companions, which is evident from the abundance of pet stores that have popped up around the country in the last few decades that sell every accessory you need (and don’t need) from collars and leashes to plush, down-filled doggie beds and gourmet, organic treats. Whatever types of splurges you allow, there are a few basics that are helpful to make your pet feel at home in your home. Here are some great recommendations from on the Zillow blog:

Designate a Sleep Space

Make sure your dog has a specific area that they recognize as their place to sleep. This can be a dog bed on one side of your room, or they also present the idea to transform a closet into a small pet room where they can snooze in their own private spot.

Bathroom Solutions

If you have a cat, dealing with the litter box can be difficult, but lately people have been solving this problem by installing a space for them within cabinets. It’s out of sight but still accessible for the cat to get to, but just be sure to disinfect it regularly. And get a proper dog door to allow your dog to go outside easily when nature calls.

Pet Hangouts

Build your dog a doghouse, giving him or her a place to call their own. As long as they can move around easily inside, it creates a perfect spot in which they can feel comfortable and connect with. Cats love these types of spots also, and there are screened boxes and mini verandas you can purchase that give them their own personal space.


Set up an electric fence, hide trash and cleaning supplies so your pet doesn’t get into them…make your home pet proof and rest assured that your pet won’t have any issues.

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