Low ceiling got you down? Here’s a few ways to lift your room—and your spirits

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle

1515 Monroe St Denver CO 80206-large-020-20-Lower Level Family Room-1500x1000-72dpiIt’s no secret that tall ceilings can give an expansive feeling to a home. But what if your ceilings are on the other side of the spectrum: far too low? This is often the case in basements and attic rooms — a fact that can leave homeowners puzzling over how to give these rooms some uplift.

There’s no need to despair. “If you’re working with a basement room, awkward attic or another space with an uncomfortably low ceiling—but can’t pony up to actually raise the roof—there are ways to make it look higher so that the room feels beautifully airy and open,” notes Houzz.

The home website offers these tips:

Brighten the room: Check to see if all the light in the room is shining downward. If so, this can leave the ceiling in the shadows, making it feel even lower than it is. Add table and floor lamps that shine upward ¬– and paint the ceiling white to give it visual lift.

Place furniture where the ceiling is lowest: Some rooms feature ceilings at different heights. If you place the sofa and chairs beneath the ceiling at its lowest point, this will allow people to move about with ease in the areas where the ceiling is higher. “This way you can stand tall while moving about the room and feel cozy while nestled into a sofa,” notes Houzz.

Use cove lights: Lights that are hidden in areas not easily visible create “an ethereal glow,” says Houzz, “that trick the eye into believing sunlight is pouring in from somewhere, which fights off claustrophobia.”

Decorate boldly— or minimally: A big couch and colorful rug will draw the eye away from the ceiling, minimizing its effect. The opposite also can work: Use minimal furniture to make the space seem larger. A single bed or sofa in a small space can create what seems like a large nook instead of a cramped room.

Remove the dropped ceiling: Ceilings are often low because they are hiding beams and other construction elements. Gain an extra foot or more by removing the false ceiling and exposing the beams or pipes. Paint the exposed elements white for a more finished look.

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