Looking for a bargain? Ignore these 4 “C’s” when home shopping

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Blog, Buying a Home

Looking for a bargain? Ignore these 4 “Cs” when home shopping When looking at Denver real estate, we’d all like to find a property that’s in perfect shape: beautiful landscaping and fresh paint on the exterior; shiny wood floors, spotless carpet and invitingly colored walls on the inside.

But perfection often comes with a big price tag, and homebuyers who can look past certain flaws to see a home’s potential can save thousands of dollars.

In an article from Inman News, reporter Paul Bianchina urges buyers to look beyond what he calls the “four C’s”:

1. Condition:

The place may look a little rundown and dated, but is it structurally sound? If so, cosmetic changes can always be made once you’re in the home — and chances are they will cost far less than buying a home that has already been renovated.

Bianchina acknowledges that this approach can be risky. “If this is a house you are seriously considering,” he writes, “it’s time to call in a home inspector or other professional to help you evaluate how extensive any potential problems might be.” But if the inspector gives a thumbs up, you just may have found a bargain.

2. Color:

Not a fan of the hot pink wallpaper in the bedroom or the pea-green paint in the kitchen? Remember: these are surface issues. A few cans of neutral-colored paint, and the house can easily be transformed into the home of your dreams. Need some color inspiration? Check out ideas here.

3. Clutter:

Some sellers just can’t seem to let go of things. Their closets are overstuffed; their rooms are overflowing with figurines, family photos, books, and other odds and ends. This can make a home feel much smaller than it is. “Don’t let that throw you,” writes Bianchina. “If you’re a savvy buyer, you can learn to look past the clutter and visualize how your own furniture will look in the space.” Bring a tape measure with you when house hunting, he adds; it will give you the reality check you need.

4. Cleanliness:

A dirty home is a major turnoff – but you can use this to your advantage by offering a lower price than you would for a home that’s sparkling, as other buyers will likely be put off by the home’s appearance as well. A little bit of elbow grease before you move in and, voila, problem solved!

Start your Denver real estate search here to find a home that needs this little bit of work and can save you money!

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