Landscaping can help bring top dollar for your house

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When it comes time to sell your home, a beautifully designed house is a definite plus. But without appealing landscaping, the home is at a major disadvantage.

“Landscaping is one of the most important ways to increase your property’s value quickly,” notes Housecall. “In fact, a gorgeous landscape design can increase the value of your home by at least 5 to 11% — and maybe more.”

How can you be sure your yard helps get you the best price when it comes time to sell? Housecall offers these tips:

Be sure the landscape matches your home’s style: Don’t plant a Japanese garden in front of a Victorian home, or pair a formal garden with an industrial-style house. In the first case, “you’re much better off with a country or cottage-style landscape that blends with the old-fashioned formality of your home,” says Housecall. And in the second case, it’s better to create a modern landscape with lots of greenery and natural-looking flower beds.

Strategize: Beware of burdening yourself with lots of high-maintenance plants or, conversely, creating a boring look with no landscaping at all. Aim for just enough diversity to keep things interesting, with a balance between shrubs and perennials.

Create landscaping that’s attractive year-round: Consider flower beds that feature bulbs that bloom in spring and annuals that offer color in the summer. Shrubs with brightly colored leaves are nice in the fall, as are evergreens in the winter. With this approach, the landscaping will be attractive any time of the year that your house goes on the market.

Plant trees: Homebuyers love mature trees—and no wonder. They filter carbon dioxide and pollution out of the air, keep neighborhoods and homes cooler and relieve stress. “In one study,” notes Housecall, “simply living on a tree-lined street added between 10 to 15% to the sale price compared to neighborhoods with fewer trees.”

Edge your lawn: Edging offers a finished look that gives potential buyers a good first impression. “They’ll know that if you’re willing to keep the edges of your yard looking nice, the rest of the property is likely in pristine condition, too.”


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