Is a repair bid giving you sticker shock? Call us for advice

by | Dec 9, 2014 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle, Remodeling / Do-It-Yourself Projects

Is a repair bid giving you sticker shock? Call us for advice Home maintenance can be a pricey proposition for anyone – but for the elderly, it can present special challenges. When the sewer backs up, the furnace dies in the dead of winter or the hot water heater breaks, seniors are particularly vulnerable to predatory repair services inflating their prices.

Unfortunately, we have seen this occur with numerous senior clients, who have spent thousands of unnecessary dollars on such repairs, everything from unneeded sewer scopes to outrageously priced electrical work.

We urge adult children to look out for their elderly parents in such situations. And remember, we are here to help at all times, even when you’re not in the market to buy a home.

We deal with home repair issues all the time and know what various types of home maintenance generally cost. If you or your elderly parents are facing an expensive bid to fix a household problem, check with us first. We can tell you if the bid seems reasonable, or if you should seek other options.

One quick call could save thousands of dollars, so be sure to contact us with any questions!

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