If your laundry room is an eyesore, here are 7 questions to help you clean up your act

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Here’s the dirt on laundry rooms: Much as we use them, we don’t really love them. We hide them away in basements and tiny out-of-the-way rooms that are as dingy as, well, our laundry.

But considering the amount of time we spend in them, perhaps it’s time to clean up our act and give this room the attention it deserves.

If you have a laundry room that needs sprucing up, or even a complete remodel, here are some questions to consider before jumping in, courtesy of Houzz:

How do you want the space to function? It’s a given that you’ll be washing and drying clothes in this room. But for many, that’s just the start of a laundry room’s duty. “Many people also make their laundry room function as mudrooms; storage rooms for vacuum cleaners, brooms and sports gear; butler pantries; command centers for organizing family calendars and mail; home offices; craft rooms, pet rooms; and more,” notes Houzz. Think of your individual needs for the room and how to accommodate them.

Where do you fold clothes? If you like to fold your clothes in the laundry room, versus other rooms in the house, you’ll need to plan for counter space.

Do you like to hang up your clothes right after you remove them from the dryer? If so, you’ll need a hanging rod and possibly a drying rack for delicate items.

What time do you usually do laundry? If it’s during the day, consider adding a window to brighten dark rooms; natural light will make the dreaded laundry task much more appealing. If it’s at night, plan for adequate artificial lighting.

What kind of appliances do you want? This will determine some of your space-use issues. For example, front-loading machines allow you to add a countertop for folding and sorting, while stacked, front-loading appliances free up space for other items. (Houzz notes that front-loading machines often don’t drain well, resulting in mildew in the machine. Do your research before buying.)

What other amenities would you like? If you have the space, there are many options that can make your laundry life easier and more enjoyable. Consider a deep sink for soaking and hand-washing items; a rod for hanging clothes; a TV or radio; a pet-washing station; rolling laundry carts; a fold-down ironing board; and additional storage closets.

How do you want it to look? “The more visible your space, the more you’ll probably want it to look nice,” notes Houzz. Consider using paint, wallpaper, tiles and accessories to make the room look more appealing. Rugs, hampers, and art can also turn your ugly duckling room into a swan!


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