How to make winter homebuyers feel welcome

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Blog, Buying a Home

Homeowners generally think of spring as the peak selling season. But just because the thermometer is dropping doesn’t mean people stop looking for homes.

In fact, statistics show that Denver homebuyers have been increasingly shopping earlier in the year, perhaps in response to the city’s notoriously tight inventory. While homes take longer, on average, to sell in January than other months, that time decreases dramatically in February. Notes one real estate broker, “A well-prepared seller/listing in February can leverage the hungry buyer market that is eager to get the process started and ‘beat the crowds’ not knowing that they’re already competing with the crowds.”

If you are showing your home in the next few months, here are some tips from RisMedia’s Housecall.

Enhance curb appeal: “Drab weather and gray skies make it more important than ever to make your home eye-catching,” notes Housecall. Brighten things up by placing colorful, cold-weather plants on your front porch. Also, repair any defects on the exterior of your home.

Offer a sense of warmth: Stack wood near the fireplace, drape throw blankets neatly over the arm of a couch, use scented pine cones as décor accents.

Keep the walks shoveled: Also, sprinkle the walkway with sand and salt for traction, and on wet days, place a rubber mat near the door for shoes.

Use photos of your home in spring for online marketing or brochures: This allows buyers to see your landscaping at its finest.

Let in light: With the sun sinking early, a home can feel dark and dreary in the afternoons. Add extra lighting to any rooms that tend to feel dim.

Consider energy efficiency: Buyers are more in tune with energy costs during winter, for obvious reasons. Consider installing energy-related upgrades before listing your home, such as energy efficient windows, improved insulation and so on.

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