How to make big impact with small yards

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle

A sprawling backyard provides ample space to create a beautiful atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing. But just because your yard is small doesn’t mean it can’t be stunning.

Whether it’s making use of vertical space when planting, or carefully choosing a focal point, simple tricks can help enhance a small yard. Realtor Magazine offers these suggestions:

Remove clutter: Just as it’s important to remove clutter inside the home, it helps to streamline small backyard spaces. Too many small objects make the space feel overcrowded and lessen the impact of intended focal points.

Pay attention to scale: “Too many chairs around a table or even too large a tree can make a small yard feel confined,” notes Realtor Magazine. Choose items carefully and with an eye for size.

Create a focal point:
A beautiful water fountain, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit—these are all items that add dimension and interest.

Use mirrors: “Try a trick borrowed from interior designers,” says a spokeswoman for the National Association of Landscape Professionals. “Hang an outdoor-friendly mirror on an exterior wall to reflect light and to make these yards feel more open.” Be sure to check what’s reflected. “You want to show off the gorgeous greenery of your landscape, not a bare wall or barbeque,” she warns.

Go vertical: If you don’t have much horizontal space, think vertical. You can make a wonderful display of plants by using raised beds and tall pots, and even by attaching planters to walls and filling them with showy plants. Additionally, prune plants so that they grow upward, rather than out.


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