Homeowners required to pay for sidewalk repairs

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Blog

In some parts of Denver, a stroll down a leafy block can be one part scenic, one part obstacle course. With so many sidewalks in terrible disrepair, a wrong step can send someone tumbling.

As a result, the city has turned to a rule that has long been on the books but rarely enforced—one that makes Denver homeowners responsible for keeping the sidewalks near their properties well-maintained and, if necessary, repairing them at their own cost.

Since summer, officials have begun sending city workers out to inspect sidewalks and to notify homeowners of their duties to repair any gaps, cracks or other deficiencies that could interfere with the ease of walking down a street.

“We’re a growing city and we’re trying to give people other options to get around town,” Denver Public Works spokeswoman Nancy Kuhn told CBS4. “This program is addressing those hazardous sidewalks and making it easier to get around.”

Most repairs will cost less than $1,000, notes CBS4. Homeowners are required to fix sidewalks within 45 days of receiving notice. If the job doesn’t get done in that timeframe, the city will fix it—and bill the homeowner.

This year, the Neighborhood Sidewalk Program is focusing on central Denver, with other regions to get attention in following years.

If you’ve received notice that your sidewalk is in disrepair, don’t choose someone to fix it randomly. Call us for referrals and we’ll happily guide you to trusted professionals.


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