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home renovation painting wall paint diyOur Brokers here at RE/MAX of Cherry Creek are the experts when it comes to Denver real estate and searching for a new home. Many times when clients are looking for that perfect place, they just don’t find it. Minor things may be lacking in their eyes, like the paint colors aren’t to their taste, or the layout doesn’t flow how they’d like. There is always some type of renovation one can do to really fine tune a home to suit their lifestyle, but the thought of making any changes is many times completely daunting. We would all love to have an unlimited cash flow to do what we want and create that perfect home – we would buy top of the line, high-end appliances, outfit the whole house in gorgeous hardwood floors, buy the most plush, luxurious furniture…we could go on and on with our wish list! Since most of us can’t splurge on all of these updates, we learn to make do by renovating on a budget. Zillow’s blog outlines a few key pieces of advice when it comes to saving some cash while updating your home.


It is possible to be your own contractor these days! With YouTube, professional forums and tutorials, and even some friends with experience, we’re in an age when DIY is the thing to do. Not only will it save the high cost of labor, it can end up to be a great bonding experience with your friends and family who you recruit to help (if all goes well, of course!). Check out the wide range of DIY-focused websites that are out there and be inspired to get out your gloves and tackle your next home project.

Buy Used

Sure, Ebay can be completely overwhelming if you browse through their huge assortment of items, but if you focus and know what you want, you can narrow down the search and find some pretty amazing things. They truly have everything for the home, from furniture to rolls of fabric to unique design pieces. With just a quick search for “Mid Century Modern furniture,” we encountered some beautiful, classic pieces that are just a freight shipment away. If the site is still too intimidating for you, check out Etsy.com for their great vintage finds and hand-made art pieces that are perfect for updating décor.


If you have a unique skill that others want, trade your services! Let’s say you are a whiz at web design. And you need a new sink installed. Find a contractor whose website is in need of updates, and offer him or her just that. It’s a win win for both parties, and you’ve saved yourself some cash, and gained a new client!

What is our biggest tip here at RE/MAX of Cherry Creek? Have no fear! You never know what you are capable of until you try, so get out your tools and make your home into the lovely, perfect retreat that you have always known it could be.

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