High tech jobs, love of the state continue to lure newcomers to Colorado

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Blog

Whether you love the influx of population to our state or hate it, it doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. Colorado continues to grow, as tech companies relocate here and newcomers are attracted to the state’s natural beauty and vibrant urban communities.

While the flood of people moving into Colorado has begun to ebb slightly,  according to the Denver Business Journal, migration is still strong. The Journal reports that between 2015 and 2016, more than 223,000 residents moved into the state, while 193,000 moved out. The net change in migration of 30,000 is the state’s lowest of the past seven years. Even so, Colorado ranks ninth highest in the country for net migration. (Florida ranks first, with an 188,000 increase in 2016, followed by Texas at 95,000 and Arizona with 82,000.)

Adding to the increase in population, large tech companies are increasingly setting up shop here. The latest to commit to Denver is Slack Technologies, which plans to open a new office in Denver this year, bringing 550 new full-time jobs with it, according to the Denver Post. The average salary of these jobs—which include positions in research and development, customer service, administration and sales and marketing—is $107,975, “63% higher than the average annual wage in Denver County,” notes the Post.

Slack will receive $10.6 million in incentives from the state. First known as Tiny Speck and developer of the computer game “Glitch,” the company is now focused on developing a communication platform to help workers communicate more efficiently than email.

Controversially, Denver is also in the running for Amazon’s second headquarters, a move that would add 50,000 jobs to the city— and potentially just as many newcomers.


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