Heated Toilet Seats? Introducing The New Luxury Bathroom

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Heated Toilet Seats? Introducing The New Luxury Bathroom - Remax of Cherry Creek, denver real estate

Once upon a time, a bathroom was for taking care of a few personal needs with basic accoutrements: toilet, sink, shower, tub. Any luxury enhancements were left, largely, for other rooms.

Now, you can flush that assumption down the drain.

With new high-tech advancements, you can set the temperature of your shower water from your living room, watch TV on your medicine cabinet and listen to a rock opera coming from your bathtub. And that’s just the beginning of the new ways you can pamper yourself.

While the average homeowner won’t likely be able to afford many of these luxurious touches, it’s still fun to contemplate the possibilities. The Washington Post recently noted some of the latest advancements for those who want more excitement in their daily grooming grind.

When it comes to showers, you can choose showerheads that

direct water flow at you from many angles and in different styles of delivery. “You can create a drizzle, thunderstorm, waterfall, fountain or body spray,” noted one homeowner, who recently installed an elaborate system in his shower.

New innovations also allow you to create steam, hear music coming from a speaker fitted into the showerhead, change the color of the ceiling light to match your mood. (Feeling calm? Choose blue and violet. Need to get pumped up for the day? Pick yellow or red.)  And with a panel system that connects to your smartphone, you can set many of these functions remotely, so that the shower ambiance is walk-in ready when you are.

Bathtubs, likewise, come with lavish enhancements. These include music that streams from hidden speakers and chromotherapy lights that change the appearance of the water color.

As for the toilet, there’s no need to sit down on cold porcelain anymore. You can enjoy a heated seat — not to mention a lighted bowl that doubles as a nightlight and a built-in deodorizing system.

And if you find yourself feeling bored during your grooming process, just flip on the latest episode of Mad Men or Game of Thrones. TVs are another new presence in the bathroom, with screens set into the mirrors of medicine cabinets.

In sum, the lavatory landscape is bursting with new options. Of course, the cost can be as bracing as an ice-cold shower. “Today, showers are so advanced they (can carry) the price of an expensive German car,” says one store owner.

Hey, luxury never did come cheap.

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