Hanging clothes on gas lines…and other don’ts of home management

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As real estate brokers, we have the privilege of being invited into homes all across the city. And during our visits, we see improvements homeowners make that greatly enhance their homes’ values. We also, unfortunately, see their mistakes.

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While homeowners often carefully attend to their homes’ décor, they sometimes mismanage the systems that run the house, creating inefficient and downright dangerous situations. Here some abuses to avoid at all costs:

Hanging clothes on gas lines:

If you need extra hanging space, this is the worst option; this action can weaken the lines and, at worst, cause a dangerous gas leak.

Using the furnace and hot water heater room for storage:

If you stash your belongings here, they will be ruined if your hot water heater leaks. Worse, they could go up in flames if the furnace malfunctions, endangering the entire house.

Blocking combustion air vents:

In an attempt to keep the house warm, some homeowners block outside air from coming in through the air vents. But outside air is essential in running the furnace and this greatly decreases its efficiency.

Disconnecting dryer vents and not using bathroom fans:

Bathrooms and laundry rooms generate humidity that can be extremely detrimental to drywall and electrical outlets, as well as promote growth of mold and mildew. It’s critical that fans and vents draw humidity outside of the house. Be certain dryer vents are properly connected — and turn on that fan when the bathroom is in use!

Installing irrigation sprinklers that direct water toward the home:

Irrigation sprinkler heads should always be directed away from the home, as water hitting against the house can lead to rotted walls and foundation issues.


Whether you’re a first-time homeowner, or a seasoned pro, it’s important to carefully maintain your house’s various systems, in order to ensure its efficiency and stability over time.

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