Great pizza…and other qualities millennials seek in a city

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Blog, Relocating to Denver

34637450_mlAs millennials come of homebuying age, real estate brokers are increasingly taking notice of what this generation desires from a city. And those desires, according to a recent report from Abodo, a Madison, Wisconsin-based online rental marketplace, dovetail nicely with the amenities Denver has to offer.

The company recently surveyed 2,000 millennials (those born between 1982 and 1998), who noted that they value many of the same qualities their older homebuying counterparts appreciate: a thriving job market, affordable rent and homes, and parks and hiking trails.

Interestingly, however, they also stress characteristics that differ from older generations. For example, they value “quality pizza” above “top rated public schools” (until they hit ages 29-34, at which point the two options are reversed); “walkability” above “quality public transportation”; and “concert or music venues” above “affordable clothing stores.”

According to the report, Denver offers 75% of the qualities millennials value, including a thriving job market, affordable home prices, LGBTQ friendliness and “a nearby lake, beach or river.” The city’s less prevalent qualities include: affordable rent, top-rated public schools, walkability, and that hoped-for tasty pizza.

When it comes to the “perfect” place for millennials to live, Denver ranked 8th nationally, just behind New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Austin (TX), and Chicago.

Here’s how this generation ranked the various qualities, in order of importance to them:

Thriving job market
Affordable rent
Affordable home prices
Parks or hiking trails
Local (non-chain) restaurants
Quality pizza
Top-rated public schools
Movie theaters
Revitalized downtown
Ethnic food
Green or farmers market
Concert or music venues
Quality public transportation
Mall or town center
Local coffee shops
Affordable clothing stores
Nearby lake, beach or river
Local college or university

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