Generations Agree on What Makes for the Best Neighborhoods

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Blog, Buying a Home

Baby boomers came first: They were born between 1946 and 1964. Then Came Gen X (1965-1979), then Gen Y (1980-2000).

Given the wildly varying eras, it’s no surprise that these generations differ in many ways. But when it comes to choosing the most desirable amenities in a neighborhood, they are in nearly complete agreement.

Denver neighborhoodA 2014 Consumer Insights survey by John Burns Real Estate Consulting recently asked boomers and members of Gen X and Gen Y to rank the top 25 elements they value in a community. All generations put similar amenities at the top of their lists.

The top two priorities for all three generations are to have a grocery store and restaurants nearby.

All three also highly value:

• Walking trails
• Fitness centers
• Nearby shopping
• A village square
• Wi-fi in public arenas
• Recreational centers

The differences show up much farther down the list. Boomers rank live music in the park at No. 17, while Gens X and Y put that at No. 25. Gen Y ranks a dog park at No. 14, while boomers put this at No. 19 and Gen X at No. 22. Boomers value a library at No. 25, an amenity that didn’t even make the list of the other two.

Finally, the generations differ over the desirability of a children’s park. Gen X and Gen Y appreciate this amenity, whereas it doesn’t appear anywhere on the list for boomers, whose children have long outgrown the playground.

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