Funding lags in Denver for biking and walking networks

by | Jun 19, 2017 | Blog, Denver Activities

Denver has a reputation for being one of the fittest cities in the country. Ironically, though, the city spends relatively little compared to others on building bike lane networks and sidewalks.

According to the 2016 Alliance for Biking and Walking Benchmarking Report, Denver spent less than $1 million on biking and pedestrian projects in 2014. That compares to $42 million in Las Vegas, $30 million in Seattle and $26 million in Minneapolis.

Additionally, the Denver Street Partnership, as reported in the Greater Park Hill News, notes that Denver allocated no money for sidewalks from 2013 to last year, when $2 million was approved for such projects.

The Partnership has plans for developing a biking and pedestrian network, but “we are just not building it very fast,” the Partnership’s Piep Van Heuven told the News. “Denver is stuck without viable options and people don’t have the option to do anything but drive.”

At current funding levels, note Partnership representatives, it would take 40-60 years to complete the city’s planned bike network. Citizens are urged to show their support for creating a bike/pedestrian-friendly city by going to and clicking on the “Take Action” button, which will send a strong message to the mayor and city council.

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