From mild to masochistic, Denver’s breakfast burritos rule

by | Nov 11, 2019 | Blog, Denver Activities, Home & Lifestyle

When it comes to eating breakfast out, you can always choose from your average waffle, pancake and scrambled egg options. But if you’re looking to start your day with a kick, it’s hard to beat a breakfast burrito.

Whether you like them mild or masochistic, breakfast burritos are a popular choice throughout the metro area. ”Besides getting a spicy kick in the shorts to start your day, the ongoing appeal of the breakfast burrito is its egalitarian nature,” notes Thrillist. “You’d be hard-pressed to spend more than a Hamilton on one…Their affordability is rivaled by their deliciousness.”

Recentily, Thrillist listed its favorite breakfast burritos around town. Among the restaurants named:

Asada Rico, (Central Business District): Begun as a food cart on the 16th Street Mall, Asada Rico has grown in stature. And you know you’re on the right track when a restaurant’s burritos topped a tasting contest against 32 others (put on by the Denver Post in 2017).

Santiago’s (Sloan Lake, Westwood, Baker, Washington Virginia Vale, Hampden): With 27 locations across the state, Santiago’s must be doing something right. Thrillist particularly enjoys the “to-go order of petite handhelds, packed with cubed potatoes, eggs, cheese and your desired chile Scoville unit.” Better yet, the meat in the burritos rotates each day, so they never get boring.

Tamales by La Casita (Highland): Choose from beef, bacon, sausage or chorizo burritos, “but the true standout here is the green chile sauce that is either tucked inside or layered across the top…it’s a smooth, thin delight that would make the leg of a chair tastes good,” notes Thrillist.

The Original Chubby’s (Sunnyside): This place can be chaotic, reports Thrillist, “but the hectic atmosphere at this Mile High institution is part of its charm.” And you can always order to-go. Either way, Chubby’s offers “a famous kick that will rouse any bleary-eyed wanderer.”

Little Anita’s (Virginia Village): This restaurant serves New Mexican fare, so your breakfast burrito will have hash browns instead of cubed potatoes. No matter: It comes “smothered in its addictive green chile.” As Thrillist says, quoting Patrick Henry—er, sort of: “Give us green chile or give us death!”

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