Forget matchy-matchy, cozy is the new decorating trend

by | May 7, 2018 | Blog

You can decorate sleek. You can decorate vintage. Or, if you’re following a current trend, you can just do as you feel and decorate “cozy.”

“Cozy seems to be the buzzword for 2018,” designer Joan Craig recently told the Associated Press (AP). “Every client this year has told us they want their home to be soft, warm, relaxed, luxurious…and easy.”

What does this mean in practical terms? Here are 4 tips to creating a cozy home, from AP:

Think lush and soft: When it comes to fabric, comfort is key-even in outdoor furnishings. As Craig notes, “We’ve started doing indoor/outdoor fabrics mixed with the most delicious mohairs and alpacas, combined with textured chenilles and weaves.”

Go eclectic: Matching furniture and accessories is so yesterday. “[A] curated mélange of whatever makes your inner decorator’s heart beat,” goes a long way to making a room cozy, notes AP. This includes “pieces from different eras, travel souvenirs, favorite finds.”

Combine patterns: Patterns can give a warm feeling to a room. Consider using patterned pillows, wallpaper and upholstery. “Floral and garden patterns are cropping up everywhere,” LA designer Raun Thorp told AP. “The wackier the better.”

Use muted colors: Quiet colors have a calming effort. Consider “muted sugar hues, deep limpid blues and fog.” A mix of gray and beige, called “greige” in the industry, is also growing in popularity.


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