Don’t miss these 6 new Colorado outdoor adventures

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Blog

Summer will be coming to Colorado before you know it, bringing with it outdoor activities surpassed by no other state. If you’re an outdoor adventurer, it’s time to start planning your getaways.

Recently, the Denver Post highlighted new outdoor adventures Coloradoans will be sure to enjoy. Among them:

Hiking and biking

Dixon Trail: This new trail leads to the top of Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs. Set in Cheyenne Mountain State Park, the trail offers 914 meters of elevation gain “and has a challenging upper section,” reports the Post.

The Telluride Ski Resort Bike Park: Opening in June, it will feature “miles of gravity-fed flow trails, with big, sweeping turns over a rain absorbent surface and arching bridges.”


Poudre River Whitewater Park: This area is scheduled to open late this summer and is located on the part of the Poudre River just north of Old Town Fort Collins. “The park has a boulder-lined boat chute, rock features, kayaking holes, stand-up paddleboarding, tubing and shallow play areas along the shore for kids,” notes the Post.

Eagle River Park: Featuring 4.3 acres of whitewater appropriate for competition, events, “and just playing,” it’s located on the Eagle River near the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo Grounds.

Lodges and huts

Red Mountain Alpine Lodge: No rustic offering, the recently opened lodge, which sleeps 18-20 and is just north of the summit of Red Mountain Pass, features gourmet food, a bar and wood-burning sauna. And let’s not forget why you came: for its “spectacular backcountry terrain.”

Thelma Hut: Also in the San Juan Mountains, this hut sleeps eight and is  powered by solar energy. And whoever said mountain adventures have to be grueling? This one comes with a hut host who cooks visitors three meals a day.


Photo by Lucas Clara on Unsplash



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