Don’t make these crucial mistakes when selling your home

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Blog, Denver Real Estate Market, Home & Lifestyle, Selling a Home

interior of homeYou can find endless lists of advice on what to do to make selling your home easier. But sometimes, what NOT to do is just as important — if not more so.

Simple mistakes can create giant obstacles to completing a sale. What should you avoid at all costs?

Here’s a list provided by The Simple Dollar:


Skimp on photography: Online photos offer the first impression of your home for most buyers these days. If those images aren’t superb, buyers will simply click on the next listing. Pay a professional to showcase your home in the best way possible.

Spend a fortune on upgrades: It’s always advisable to get your home in the best shape possible before putting it on the market. But if you go too far, your home may not appraise for the agreed-upon sale price. Proceed with caution.

Display family pictures, political paraphernalia, team pennants, etc. Buyers like to imagine themselves in the home. Anything that shows a strong personal point of view, whether it’s a favorite team or political party can be distracting – and possibly a turn-off. Similarly, personal photos make it hard for buyers to see their own family living in the space. Neutralize the environment.

Overprice your home: You might think your home is worth millions, but if you price it too high, this can backfire. Typically, buyers don’t bite at the higher price, your home lingers on the market, and buyers question why it hasn’t sold, creating a negative loop. The result is a downward price spiral that leads to the home selling for less than if you had priced it accurately to start.

Hang around during showings: Buyers want to walk through your home, freely voicing any reactions they might have. If you insist on sticking around, you will only make them uncomfortable and likely to zip through the house, rather than lingering long enough to feel at home.

Overlook staging your home: Your personal choice in décor may not appeal to most buyers. Let a professional create a setting that is non-cluttered, flows nicely and is “neutral yet elegant.”

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