One Explanation for Denver’s Housing Shortage

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Many people in the Denver area would love to sell and move into a larger, more upgraded home in a location that works better for them (e.g. community, schools, walkability). Conversely, there are plenty of potential sellers who wish to sell and downsize to have a floor plan more suited to their lifestyle–one that offers less upkeep and maintenance.

Despite all the market data proving these owners could net unbelievable profits on their home sales, these folks aren’t putting their homes up for sale on the market. Why?

Most people have difficulty qualifying to purchase a home without first selling their current one. The Denver Real Estate Sold Signconcern I hear most often is this: “But what if we don’t find something to buy before our house sells? We might have to move twice with our [children], [dogs], [children and dogs]!” The idea of moving twice is unthinkable to many potential sellers.

The solution to this problem is simple: we leverage the current market conditions (that are so heavily in favor of the sellers) to negotiate a lease that allows our sellers to stay in the home after closing, essentially renting their own home from the new buyers while they search for a replacement home.

Your home will sell fast (I say with more confidence than ever before). But don’t think that you will have to agree to whatever timing the buyer requests. Oh no, not at all! You, Seller, call the shots right now. The majority of buyers will agree to a lease-back in order to persuade you to accept their offer over the 5-10 others you’ve received.

Recently I received 21 offers on a property. Every single one of those buyers was willing to close and then allow the sellers to stay in their house as tenants, in some cases for an indefinite period of time. Sellers today have the power! Use it to your benefit! Insist on getting the timing you need to make a smooth transition to your next home. You will get your way, plus work with a qualified buyer who is willing to pay top dollar for your home. Never have I seen such a strong sellers market. Take advantage of it today.

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