Denver Real Estate Market Gets a Boost from Boulder CEOs

by | Aug 11, 2014 | Blog, Denver Real Estate Market, Relocating to Denver

When people hear the word “CEO” they may think of suits, grueling hours and big cities. So would you believe that one of the top areas CEOs are calling home is Boulder – a town where biking, hiking and outdoor stores are the common staples? It’s true, according to the Wall Street Journal article boulder colorado foothills mountainsthat looked into which housing markets attract the most CEOs: Boulder is #2 on the list with 1.45% of the population making up this elite group. And who wouldn’t want to alleviate an intense work day with access to some of the top restaurants and shopping plus the opportunity to experience nature right outside your front door? The article quotes Lisa Reeves, who is the Chief Executive of GridCraft, and she notes that Boulder “is a real hotbed for early-stage technology.” The growth of this industry in Boulder has catapulted the area into a magnet for technology’s decision makers who prefer a more laid back Colorado mentality. Plus, with Boulder’s accessibility to Denver and its diverse cultural offerings, it is becoming well-known around the country as an ideal location to lay down your roots.

Has this affected the area’s real estate? Absolutely. The article shares figures from Trulia that show a 6% increase in home prices near Boulder, and the median asking home price is $445,335. It is very similar to what the Denver Metro area is experiencing with high demand and rising home prices.


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