Denver Real Estate: How Our City Got it Right

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Blog, Denver Real Estate Market, Relocating to Denver

Good Morning Denver by Sheila Sund is licensed under CC BY 2.0Denver has experienced amazing growth in recent years. And it hasn’t all been by chance. The city has taken strategic steps over the last 25 years to prepare itself to become such a fantastic place to live, encouraging progression, investment and development in all the right places. The recent article from Pop City Media outlines the smart steps that Denver officials have taken to make this city the thriving region it is today with even more potential into the future.

In any city transit is key. Residents need to be able to get places easily, which is where public transportation becomes so important. Union station opened up and is the newest highlight of downtown Denver. From there you can catch Amtrak trains, buses, and light rail to wherever your destination may be. In addition to being a transportation hub, it also offers dining and lodging, attracting people to come here not only for convenience but for pleasure. With the convenience of the light rail and this recent focus on transit, Denver is well on its way to connecting all areas and making the city even more accessible.

In planning, the city has been smart to make sure there has been cooperation from the entire metro area. Suburbs and urban areas have all been supportive of what is going on around the city so that all regional residents feel that they are working toward a greater common goal.

Denver has also made sure to preserve its historic roots. The article quotes Tom Noel, who teaches history at CU Denver and says that there are 52 historic districts in our city and 334 individual landmarks, which is more than most.

Denver also has a lot of areas that are prime for a truly starting fresh – Stapleton and Central Platte Valley are two examples where the city has made great use of locations that were ready for a new life. Along with these new neighborhood creations, there has been a focus on the importance of parks and public art. It’s what makes a city unique and encourages the public to go out and explore, and Denver is at the forefront of this art movement.

We can all be proud of the wonderful city where we live, and we are excited to see everything develop even further into the future.


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