4 reasons to hire a real estate broker, even in a sizzling market

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Denver Real Estate MarketIn this hot Denver real estate market, it’s tempting to think that you can put up a “For Sale” sign in your front yard and sell your home in an instant, without the aid of a real estate broker. But there’s much more involved in a home sale than a good-looking sign. A skilled broker provides a wealth of experience and information that you don’t have at your fingertips.

If you are thinking of going it alone, here are 4 reasons to reconsider, as suggested by The Costco Connection:

Better pricing:

When it comes to pricing a home, sellers often turn to online websites such as Zillow for estimates. But these sites have a wide margin of error. “No online algorithm alone can determine accurate pricing of your home,” writes The Costco Connection. A real estate agent will study comparable properties, taking into account the exact location of your home, upgrades you have made and other specifics that Zillow doesn’t include in those algorithms.

Guidance with paperwork:

Title issues, appraisals, inspection objections and resolutions, loan details…these are just a few of the technical matters you will be dealing with during the sale of your home. Improper handling of such issues can sabotage a deal and, worse, may have long-term financial repercussions. Real estate brokers provide knowledgeable guidance in navigating the complicated legalities.

Targeted marketing:

Yes, putting out that “For Sale” sign is a start. But real estate agents have access to all kinds of marketing information to help them target the right buyers. Client lists, ad placement in premier real estate magazines and other venues, newsletters offering updated marketing information — all of these allow a broker to address your personal situation and find the right buyers quickly.

Useful relationships with other professionals:

Real estate brokers have spent years nurturing relationships with others in the business, including inspectors, escrow and title agents, loan officers and more. These relationships can help smooth the deal and ensure that you get the best price for your home.

In sum, the money you save going it alone may be costly in the long-run. Real estate brokers will help you get top dollar for your home and avoid unforeseen headaches down the road.

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