Denver Lifestyle: The Importance of Good Coffee

by | Oct 6, 2014 | Blog, Home & Lifestyle

Consider yourself a coffee snob? Well, if you’re reading this and you live in Denver, a new study would agree. Redfin and Foursqaure rated Denver as the 5th best city for coffee snobs, coming in just behind Boulder at 3rd place. This is great news for coffee fans because it means that our city offers high quality brews that we all can enjoy on those early mornings for a jolt of energy. Not sure where to find the best of the best? The Denver Post includes some of the favorites around town, and we denver coffee best city for coffee snobsthought that a list of our top coffee picks would be both timely and convenient for anyone about there looking to find out where people in Denver get their favorite java.

Crema Coffee House (rated the highest indie coffee shop in Denver, per the article)
2862 Larimer Street, Denver

Downpours Coffee
3937 Tennyson Street, Denver

Stella’s Coffee Haus
1476 S Pearl Street

Common Grounds Coffee
2 Locations: 44th Avenue @ Vallejo & 17th St @ Wazee

Wash Perk
853 E Ohio Ave (3 blocks west of Wash Park)

Where do you get your morning coffee? Share your thoughts and let us know which coffee shops we should try out.


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